Friday, February 5, 2010

Thing 5

Ah twitter...
I'm just not that addicted to my cell phone to need to tweet all the time. My twitter name is sterls3, but I doubt I'll use it at all. I just don't see the need right now. I can appreciate that the guy in the article said that he uses it for professional development. He seems like he's following some pretty cool people. I wouldn't check my twitter account regularly enough to catch all the cool posts that people would put up. Also, I just don't want to get that addicted.

Maybe I will use twitter to get more up to date on all the cool science news in the world, for example, I'm following Reuter's Science which updates all the cutting edge science news. I'm always looking for new information to share with my students and this may be a good way to do it. I'm also following the Discovery Channel and Adam Savage (the guy from MythBusters) for some entertainment.

Thing 4

I really like the idea of Google docs and calendars. Next time I assign a project with partners in class, I'm going to have them make it on a google doc. This way they can finish it at home or on a school computer, whichever is easier for them. I hate that students have to either go to a computer lab to finish or have email unlocked so they can email it to themselves. This avoids all that. Also, students can invite their partners to edit or view the project and this way both students can complete the assignment without getting together after school.

The google calendar I will definitely use for Cross Country. It's so convenient and I can edit it anytime if there is bad weather or some other reason why plans would change. This is much easier than calling or texing my athletes when there is a last minute change.