Monday, January 11, 2010

Thing 3

So Delicious is pretty cool. I've added a bunch of my favorite websites (Pandora Radio, BrainPOP, Science For Kids Articles, Brookfield Zoo) and I've searched a few colleagues. I still need to learn a little more about it and how I can use it regularly. I currently have a ton of links all organized in my favorites on Internet Explorer, so I need to see how Delicious is better.

My delicious name is ksterling.

Thing 2

I am following Kellie Dean, Liz Fredlund, Sarah Johnson, Jame Holt, and Jen Waldock. I think it's cool to see what other people are doing. Some people fell off the 17 things bandwagon and haven't posted in awhile, others are keeping up with it.

Right now I'm only using a few tags, such as following. I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, so I'll get more as I explore and tweak things around with my profile and my posts.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thing 1 Video

I love to use videos in my classroom. Here is an example of one I use during my cancer unit.