Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thing 2 - Round 2

This thing was to explore Prezi, which is another way of creating presentations instead of using Microsoft PowerPoint. I really liked it, but I struggled to figure out what I was doing. This must be a popular web 2.0 tool because when I was working on my video, two different students asked me if I was using Prezi and said they had to make presentations last year for different teachers (some from RB and some from jr. high)...which impressed me. I think I would use this in my classroom as a different way for students to present materials. I often have the students make posters or powerpoints, and I think I'll try Prezi for my next project. That will probably end up being one of my Master Projects for 17 things to chew on.

Here is the Prezi I created for my freshman biology class. The goal was to visually show Protein Synthesis. I'll have to play around with Prezi a lot more to get more creative!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thing 1 - Round 2!!

So I've started the Master's Edition this year and our first thing is about email blogging. I've set up a Tumblr account and my link is: I like how easy it was to add pictures and video (much easier than on blogger) but I think it's pretty much the same as using a regular blog website. I'm not sure I would use this in biology class because my freshman might not use it correctly. It might be cool to start a zoology blog where my seniors can post about animals that they research and then comment on each other's blogs, so I'll have to play around with it for a little bit. With an older set of students, I really think this could potentially turn into a an innovative way to sharing information instead of traditional presenting.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Final Post

So this is the end...

Overall I thought that the 17 Things to Chew On experience was great. I learned so much. It forced me to go beyond my comfort zone and try to learn something new. It also forced me to think of ways I can use these websites for education. I feel confident that I have a bunch of new technology in my bag of tricks to use in the classroom! I think the most useful web 2.0 tool for me was I loved how easy it was to create a website and I'm going to create one for my class. Previously I had only used FrontPage, which took forever.

I think that one way this experience could have been better was to make people look at what others have done. I didn't really check up on anyone I followed and although I can scope out their blog, I was never required to, so i never did.

I would definitely recommend this to people in the future. It was super easy and could be done on our own schedule. There were no meetings to make it to, and I could complete it either at home or at school. Plus, everyone can use technology in their classroom!

If I had to sum up the experience in one word or phrase it would be: A fun and eye-opening experience.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing 17

Ah, my last blog. So when checking out the CNET Webware 100 winners website, I looked at a few of some new websites that caught my attention.

#1 Mozy- As someone who has lost school data twice already (once from a zip disk crash and once from a computer crash) I could really use some data back up. $4.95 is pretty cheap for unlimited space. And I really like that it automatically syncs my computer files whenever I add something new. I just saw that a home user can get 2GB for free, which would cover all my precious school documents.

#2 Tripit- This is a cool tool for traveling! It can organize all my travel documents (like airline itineraries, hotel confirmations, etc) into one online document that I can access from my cell phone! It will even include current weather, relevant maps, and photos. I could have really used this 2 years ago when my husband and I went backpacking around Europe for 27 days...

#3 Skype- This is the tool I chose to look at more in depth. I've heard of it a little, but really had no idea what it was capable of! I think it is great that someone finally developed a program that will enable video chats for free! Basically Skype works by importing a contact list with their phone numbers and you can text, call, videochat, or IM them on their computers. You can also download Skype on your cell phone so you can use it on the go. I would definitely use this feature to video call my brother who lives in Miami, that way I can see him when we'll be much better than chatting on the phone. I can see this as a useful tool for new parents to show off their new babies to family members who live far away. The video chat is priceless and the possibilities are endless! As long as the person you care planning to talk to downloads Skype, everything is free! They also have great rates for calling land lines or mobile phones, which could be a great alternative for calling friends/family who live overseas.

Thing 16

I did a screentoaster shot of me using I had a lot of issues using this website though and therefore I don't like it. The biggest problem was that 2 of the computers I tried using this on were old and couldn't handle the website. The computers froze up and had huge lag times. Therefore my video isn't that great. Also, after creating my video, I couldn't figure out how to save it because the computer kept freezing. I think this is a cool tool to use, especially for a classroom that uses a lot of computers. I could easily show a screenshot video for my students to watch instead of me teaching a short concept. Make sure you're using an up to date computer that is very fast when trying to use this website! It's the only one I had problems with!

Thing 15

I really liked Voicethread. I think it's such a unique and interesting tool. I'm not sure that I would actually use it in my classroom, because I would need more of an online classroom setting. Maybe we could go to the computer lab and use it one day where I require each of my students to leave a certain number of responses on the voicethread that I have created. It could be a nice review tool where students could ask questions and have their classmates answer them. So actually now that I think about it...I might actually start using it in class!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing 14

This is also my first experience with wiki. I think it's cool and could be a valuable classroom tool. In science, I can see wikis being used in much of the same ways that Kellie talked about. I could have my students post data from whole class labs or ask each other questions about homework assignments when they need it. I could also have a wiki for use during research projects, where students could post other useful websites. The possibilities are endless.

Thing 13

This is my animoto video. I chose to do a video that showcases the amount of fun we have in cross country. I liked animoto, but I was hoping to be able to make it more interesting by adding text...but since I only did a 30 second trial, I didn't get those options. I thought it was very easy to use and might want to have students use it someday as a project. Here is my video:

Create your own video slideshow at

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing 12

I think that the creative commons idea is a good idea. I always search on google web or images for tons of stuff that I use in my classroom. I use a lot of pictures during powerpoints. I think the the owners of the pictures should get credit, but then again, I don't want to not have access to the pictures anymore. I use those pictures to help the students understand the topic we are covering or to see an example of it. Without them, my class wouldn't be as good.

I could see how it could be used with student projects, especially those that students don't want to be stolen or copywrited. (for example, papers) This way the students can realize that if they post something online, anyone can search for it, find it, and use it. This will prevent that from happening if they don't want it to. I also think that creative commons can help students to understand more about copywrite laws and user privacy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Thing 11

I created a GoodReads account and my username is sterlingk. I added a bunch of books since I've read the Harry Potter and Twilight series. I've also read a couple of Mitch Albom books and one that I am planning to read once I get some free time. I like the website but unfortunately I don't read a ton, so I wouldn't use it much. Most of my reading happens over the summer and then I usually just pick something popular. I could definitely see a website like this being used in a literature class where students can post books that they've read and give summaries of them. It could probably be a pretty neat aspect of the classroom.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thing 10

I like the idea of Ning and I think it could be a very cool tool to use for your activity or sport. I loved how RBTV uses Ning to keep the students up to date with what is going on. I personally use facebook for cross country, so I probably would never use Ning. We have a RB cross country facebook where we post pictures from races and information about practices. Most of our runners are friends with the page, so they are able to access all the photos and comments the coaches make for the team. I've found it very useful!

Thing 9

I customized my blog by adding my Flickr photosteam, some of my favorite links, and a fun fish bowl! Enjoy my new personalized blog!

Thing 8 is a neat website. I currently use shutterfly, but I like that I can use my existing yahoo login on flickr. My account name is Sterls, so feel free to look at my photos! I don't think I would ever use this in my classroom because I don't do much with pictures, but I can see how this could be a good way for students to all be able to access pictures from a project/lab/assignment in class.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thing 7

So I'm kind of a fan of RSS feeds. I'm looking forward to learning more about it, because it can be a lot to look at on a screen. I put some subscriptions to websites I use most often (,, and It will be nice to get all the new info from these websites in one nice easy spot.

Thing 6

Here's the link to my website:

I think that this would be a great thing that I could use all the time in my classroom. I have pages for each of the units I teach, and on each page I will eventually put copies of the notes we take in class, helpful links that we use during projects. I created a very easy to remember name and I plan on having my students use it all the time. I loved the idea and how easy it was to create a website using weebly. I had previosly made a website on Microsoft FrongPage and it took me forever to make it. Weebly was quick and easy to use.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thing 5

Ah twitter...
I'm just not that addicted to my cell phone to need to tweet all the time. My twitter name is sterls3, but I doubt I'll use it at all. I just don't see the need right now. I can appreciate that the guy in the article said that he uses it for professional development. He seems like he's following some pretty cool people. I wouldn't check my twitter account regularly enough to catch all the cool posts that people would put up. Also, I just don't want to get that addicted.

Maybe I will use twitter to get more up to date on all the cool science news in the world, for example, I'm following Reuter's Science which updates all the cutting edge science news. I'm always looking for new information to share with my students and this may be a good way to do it. I'm also following the Discovery Channel and Adam Savage (the guy from MythBusters) for some entertainment.

Thing 4

I really like the idea of Google docs and calendars. Next time I assign a project with partners in class, I'm going to have them make it on a google doc. This way they can finish it at home or on a school computer, whichever is easier for them. I hate that students have to either go to a computer lab to finish or have email unlocked so they can email it to themselves. This avoids all that. Also, students can invite their partners to edit or view the project and this way both students can complete the assignment without getting together after school.

The google calendar I will definitely use for Cross Country. It's so convenient and I can edit it anytime if there is bad weather or some other reason why plans would change. This is much easier than calling or texing my athletes when there is a last minute change.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thing 3

So Delicious is pretty cool. I've added a bunch of my favorite websites (Pandora Radio, BrainPOP, Science For Kids Articles, Brookfield Zoo) and I've searched a few colleagues. I still need to learn a little more about it and how I can use it regularly. I currently have a ton of links all organized in my favorites on Internet Explorer, so I need to see how Delicious is better.

My delicious name is ksterling.

Thing 2

I am following Kellie Dean, Liz Fredlund, Sarah Johnson, Jame Holt, and Jen Waldock. I think it's cool to see what other people are doing. Some people fell off the 17 things bandwagon and haven't posted in awhile, others are keeping up with it.

Right now I'm only using a few tags, such as following. I'm still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, so I'll get more as I explore and tweak things around with my profile and my posts.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thing 1 Video

I love to use videos in my classroom. Here is an example of one I use during my cancer unit.